This academy was established by Srimathi  Jayalakshmi PremKumar M.A. (music) from Madras University in the year 1995. The objective of the academy is to teach, promote and preserve the ancient arts of India, primarily its classical music in many instruments namely veena, ghatam, tabla, violin, sitar, mirutaNgam, bongo, dholak, flute, Kanjira, classical vocal & bhajans and the western instruments namely keyboard, drum & guitar. Students of Sahaana Music Academy (SMA) perform regularly at various events throughout Malaysia. They also have performed in many classical events organized by Sahaana Music Academy (SMA) along with the expertise from well known classical artistes from India. Proud to say that students of (SMA) have been given a remarkable credit by the classical artistes. (SMA) has also formed a N.G.O. under the name of  Persatuan Kesenian & Kebudayaan Sahaana Seremban, N.S. mainly involve in the aspect of art, music, dance & culture activities.
Apart from that due to its passion to music, SMA has committed into providing a memorable live band entertainment for all music listeners. SMA is also known for their versatility in belting out songs and music in Hindi, Ghazals, Malay, Chinese and English apart from Tamil itself, thus many a times they are referred to as a multi lingual music group.  Listeners would also get a blend of Indian classical music with modern touch and vice versa. Re-known for their versatility, they have provided performances for weddings, receptions and as well as corporate and social functions.

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