Carnatic music, is one of the two forms of Indian classical music. It is believed that the origin of carnatic music is divine. The goddess Saraswati who performs the veena, bless us with the talent to perform carnatic music. It is an ancient form of music and is from the 15-16 century. Men formed the different swaras and ragas by observing the sound that is produced by animals and waves of the sea. Carnatic music is completely melodic and is sung with a lot of improvisation from the performer. Like every other form of music carnatic music requires proper training and dedication.

Hence SAHAANA MUSIC ACADEMY is the place to pursue the knowledge and skill of carnatic music. Started in the year 1995 with 5 students, today SAHAANA MUSIC ACADEMY has more than 200 students pursuing the veena and carnatic vocal classes. With the support of highly qualified and experience teachers, SAHAANA has diversified into other percussion instruments which will be taught at the centre. For more information refer to our:-

Music classes offered at the centre are:-
"         Classical Vocal
"         Veena
"         Ghatam
"         Miruthangam
"         Dholak
"         TABLA
"         Kanjira
"         Sitar ( Carnatic & hindustani )
"         Flute
"         violin
"         Guitar
"         Keyboard
"         WESTERN DRUM
"         BONGO